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New Perspective on a Saturated Craft

Seems more and more people are getting into shooting time lapses these days with it becoming simpler and cheeper to produce high quality images and over all finished product as technology advances. With that being said its rare to find new ways to impress in this image saturated day in age. I thought this was an original way to put a new "spin" on things.

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Walker Ryan "A Far Walk From Home"

Walker makes his mark yet again in this map hopping full part feature! I was fortunate to be able to make it down to México City with Walker as well as film in LA to make a nice contribution to the part. This is probably the 5th or 6th project I have seen take form and been involved in with Walker and ill have to say they always turn out unique! Patrik Wallner did a great job meshing his different filming techniques and in the end organizing and putting everything together to make it a complete package.

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Coalatree en México City

A two week filming trip myself and Walker Ryan had planned to go to Mexico City ended up coinciding, almost perfectly date to date, with a trip clothing company Coalatree had planned to the same region. Needless to say it couldn't have worked out better we were all friends old and new. Everyday, for the most part, all of us were able to pack into a single van to go venture the streets.

We also had the opportunity to tag along with them on other non-skate related agenda they had carved into their schedule, the first visiting an urban community garden tucked away in a rough part of town. For me being able to see and hands on involve ourselves in the steps they are taking as a people to progress sustainable farming was inspiring. We also visited the Teotihuacán pyramids which can't really be described in words. Its simply one of those wonders that can only be translated by experiencing it in person. 

By the time it was time to go home the trip was without a doubt a complete success. This mainly due to the good company and hospitality from our friends both from the US and Mexico City keeping moral high and positive spirits.

Here is the edit from their trip which I contributed a couple small shots to. Allen Danze did a great job capturing and translating the feeling of the surroundings and the beat of the City in this unique packaged edit. 

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Brian Lotti x Organika

Brian did a rad and unique board series collaboration with Organika Skateboards where he hand carved custom landscape graphics into wood, paint rolled, and press transferred the pieces onto paper for later color manipulation. Filmed this video with Brian & Organika captain Karl Watson at his home workspace in LA and surrounding locations in the city. 

Organika's latest collaboration with Brian Lotti came about through Karl Watson - who credits Brian as one of the major influences on his style.

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