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La Haine

I caught wind of this film from a friend the other day. All I really knew was that it took place in France, was in black n white, and had to do with the population in the outskirts. Having been recently in París (staying 45 minutes outside the city in the supposed ghetto) this film intrigued me.  I read the description in the booklet inside the dvd case and I was given a glimpse into what the story line was, vaguely. Clashes with police steaming from sociopolitical problems in racially diverse low income areas. 

The director and cinematographer do a beautiful job with the movement in the film showcasing certain shots to pinpoint key emotions. Black and white is used bravely as a mechanism to portray the feeling of contrast between the plots emotions. Dialogue is long and drawn out but gives you a strong feeling of authenticity allowing you an inside track into the characters state of mind. Although this film has to do with events taking place in the mid 90's it provides a surprisingly current feeling due to the timeless nature that is ever present through out the 98 minutes. Police Brutality. I guess that is an issue that bears no hands of time.

I'm a big fan of movies that utilize the art of film well to enlighten and give the audience a further understanding on whatever issue is presented. Thats what this film does and I hope to one day work on something that holds a special meaning as this does to the people caught in that situation.

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